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Genuine cocktail of high-performance marine ingredients, this starter with frosted gel texture offers two levels of efficiency: it acts as a home wrap to reshape the figure and improves the firmness of the skin, thanks to its formula boosted in marine sil
€38,80 (€19,40 / 100 ml) *
With the combination of the Algoslim System, the patented active ingredient and caffeine, it melts the fat accumulations in the abdomen and waist area.
€29,10 (100 ml) *
This total-action cream has been specifically designed to help redefine the figure and promote the elimination of toxins.
€72,00 (€36,00 / 100 ml) *
Sale -55%
Size 10 Ampoules à 10 ml

Tanning drink, food supplement with sweetener.
Perfect preparation of the skin for sunbathing, with simultaneous anti-ageing effect.
€27,80 €12,50 (100 ml) *
size 50 ml

In perfect harmony with the skin, this cream relies on biomimetics to restore the youthful appearance of the face.
€68,10 (€136,20 / 100 ml) *
size 50 ml

The unique formula fills wrinkles like a hyaluronic acid injection. This incredibly effective cream compensates for lipid deficiencies in the skin and rebuilds the volumes of the face.
€68,10 (€136,20 / 100 ml) *
In a single step, it moisturizes, evens , matifies and illuminates the complexion while providing an anti-ageing solution.
€22,30 (€74,33 / 100 ml) *
Combats 3 types of cellulite: fat, water and fibre,
The pink gel is easy to apply and absorbs immediately. Day after day there is an improvement.
€38,80 (€25,87 / 100 ml) *
size 50 ml

This smooth and soft cream quenches dehydrated skin and wraps it in a protecting veil.
€48,60 (€97,20 / 100 ml) *
size 200 ml
size 400 ml

This alcohol-free toner refreshes, tones the face and perfects the cleansing of the skin.
€23,30 (€11,65 / 100 ml) *
This formula, which is completely biocompatible with the skin, delivers its active youth ingredients deep within the epidermis to repair microscopic skin changes before they evolve into wrinkles.
€77,80 (€259,33 / 100 ml) *
This anti- fatigue booster tops up minerals to moisturize and energize, leaving skin smooth, plump, and radiant.
€44,70 (€149,00 / 100 ml) *
size 200 ml

Real concentrate of nutrition and hydration, this balm efficiently fights skin drying. A unique cocktail of precious oils and essential marine trace-elements,
€44,70 (€22,35 / 100 ml) *
Sale -12%
This ultra-targeted green care conceals redness, reinforces the skin and progressively reduces its sensitivity. Helps in case of facial erythrosis.
€40,90 €35,90 (€71,80 / 100 ml) *
Consists of 100% sea water, a special formula that provides a magnesium supply directly through the skin.
€17,40 (100 ml) *
Sale -83%
size 15 ml

This anti-aging care cream improves the elasticity of the skin due to the marine complex, lift system.
€11,90 €2,00 (€13,33 / 100 ml) *
Thalion has captured five years of research in this serum, having created a new generation of high-performance, 100% marine-based active ingredients that simultaneously correct all the signs of ageing.
€116,00 (€386,67 / 100 ml) *
Delightful cream that delivers spectacular results for youthful skin. Its targeted action counteracts sagging to restore the fullness and well-defined contours of young skin.
€68,10 (€136,20 / 100 ml) *
This ultra-gentle gel cleanses and purifies the skin.
€24,20 (€16,13 / 100 ml) *
Size 150
As fresh as the marine spray, this light mist is a real vivifying care. Remineralizing, protects skin from the environmental and oxidative aggressions.
€24,20 (€16,13 / 100 ml) *
size 125 ml
€27,10 (€21,68 / 100 ml) *
Deliciously lemon-liquorice flavoured, DRAINING herb tea contains a selection of seaweeds and plants well known for their draining qualities which act in synergy to stimulate the toxins elimination.
€13,50 (€0,68 / Piece) *
THALION has created an all-new eye treatment that truly acts like a lift*. Latest-generation marine-based active ingredients, paired with hyaluronic acid, provide an all-encompassing solution to improve skin's natural bounce and lift eyelids.
€34,00 (€226,67 / 100 ml) *
size 200 ml

This new generation of body cream prevents stretch marks and provides for an intensive tightening. It is a further development of THV 370 Intensive Firming Cream.
€54,40 (€27,20 / 100 ml) *
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THALION is a young, fresh brand that has established itself as a unique thalassotherapy brand. The products have been able to integrate all levels of the maritime universe. Thalion harvests its own algae in the nature reserve and processes them directly on the Breton coast. The main algae processed is "Laminaria Digitat", which contains 10 times more iodine than "Fucus". This makes the products much more supple.

THALION combines exclusive ingredients, classic young packaging design, creamy textures and a discreet fragrance.

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