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4-in-1 velvety effect powder with intense pigments to apply on eyebrows and eyes (1), as eye shadow (2), eyeliner (3) and/or khol (4).
€28,00 (Piece) *
Eyebrows long lasting crayon, ideal to define, sculpt and redraw a perfect eyebrow arch.
The ultra-thin and firm lead enables to imitate perfectly the hair and to fill in missing ones.Coose you colour: brown, taupe, graphite
€28,00 (Piece) *
This double-end crayon is a must to enhance the eyebrow line. Its mate lead acts as a corrector, while its pearly side enlightens the eyebrow.
€29,00 (Piece) *
Innovative formula for a mascara which extends, separates, defines and curls eyelashes as it coats them one by one.
€35,00 (Piece) *
Sculpting palette for the face which enables, through light and shadows, to illuminate the complexion and highlight the face’s assets. These creams have a soft, silky, covering and non-greasy texture for a most pleasant application. At skin contact, the c
€85,00 (Piece) *
A universal hydrating balm which enhances the color of the lips by reacting with their pH and temperature.
€35,00 (Piece) *
Immediate result for this creamy, coating, non-greasy gloss.
Its mirror effect provides brightness and luminosity to the lips with a long lasting effect. The mousse applicator glides gently on the lips for more comfort and precision.
Its subtle white
€29,00 (Piece) *
A long lasting gloss, subtly shaded, which takes care of the lips. It hydrates them, providing brillance and brightness.
The mousse applicator glides gently on the lips for more comfort and precision.
A soft gloss with a soft perfume making for irresis
€31,00 (Piece) *
Colorless Mascara gel for eyebrows and eyelashes.
It guarantees a natural and well-groomed effect, taming fly-away eyebrows and eyelashes. Used alone on the eyelashes it brings a perfect definition for a natural look.
€34,00 (Piece) *
Artistically-inspired flat shape brush. Its synthetic fiber hair enable a delicate and homogeneous application. Thick and soft as velvet, it glides on the skin and highlights the faces’ contours.
€68,00 (Piece) *
Artistically-inspired beveled brush. Its synthetic fiber hair enable a bright and perfect application. Thick and soft as velvet, it glides on the skin and highlights the faces’ contours. Easy to clean.
Master the art of applying creamy and fluid textures
€50,00 (Piece) *
This beveled brush with sharp synthetic hair is perfect for eyebrows, lips and eyes make-up or to trace a perfect line with an eyeliner
€28,00 (Piece) *
Synthetic fiber brush specifically made to groom and sculpt eyebrows and eyelashes with precision. Easy to clean. Comb and define according to your desires.
€28,00 (Piece) *
A day & night care for stronger, denser eyebrows and eyelashes, full of volume.
Thanks to the PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica, the cottonseed oil and phytokeratine, LE SOIN PYJAMA will nourish, moisturize and restructure the eyebrows and eyelashes.
€30,00 (€5,00 / Milliliter) *
An exclusive duo of complementary care products to purify, detoxify and hydrate. For stronger and healthier eyebrows and eyelashes.
€45,00 (€3,75 / Milliliter) *
Professional stainless steel tweezers. Its beveled jaws have been sharpened by hand to ensure optimum precision and enable to pluck any hair, even the thinnest. It's soft spring provides great comfort in its use. The perfect tool to avoid damaging your be
€25,00 (Piece) *
2,5 g
Longlasting pomade powder
€31,00 (€12,40 / g) *
0,05 oz
Longlasting pomade powder
€31,00 (€12,40 / g) *
Longlasting pomade powder
€31,00 (€12,40 / g) *
2,5 g
Longlasting pomade powder
€31,00 (€12,40 / g) *
4-in-1 cream, silicon-free formula, with a rich, soft and supple texture.
€44,00 (€1,10 / Milliliter) *
2,25 g
Refill tinted powder for MONTS & MERVEILLES palette. Renew according to use and preferences.
OMBRES & LUMIERES powders are suitable for all skin types.
€19,00 (Piece) *
2,25 g
Refill tinted foundation cream for MONTS & MERVEILLES palette. Renew according to use and preferences.
OMBRES & LUMIERES creams are suitable for all skin types.
€20,00 (Piece) *
Compact colorless high definition (HD) powder refill for the MONTS & MERVEILLES palette.
Thanks to its ultra-thin texture and extreme softness, this compact HD powder will enable to refine the skin texture for a perfect complexion, radiant with a mat
€23,00 (Piece) *
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CHADO was founded in Geneva, in beautiful Switzerland, by Sylvia Rossel. Thanks to her many years of experience in the field of high-quality cosmetics, she defines her own concept, her own brand philosophy. Her make-up care line and its products feel like a painting, whose inspiration is drawn from nature: the power and strength of slate, the unique purity of the mountains, the lakes and water, the radiance of the sun.


 "T'as d'beaux yeux, tu sais ! »

"You have beautiful eyes, sweetheart"

Michelle Morgan & Jean Gabin in the film Quai des brumes (June 1938)

This unsurpassed announcement by Jean Gabin to his film partner Michelle Morgan, the compliment par excellence - CHADO makes it its own to literally make beautiful eyes at you and provides a whole arsenal of means and possibilities to put your gaze in the best possible light. Because we also believe that eyes reflect our soul and reveal who we really are. CHADO was born out of this conviction.

Beautiful eyes and an unmistakable look deserve our full attention. CHADO offers a care line especially designed for eyebrows and eyelashes, because just like caring for skin and hair, it is just as important to take care of eyebrows and eyelashes to open and intensify the look and make it shine.

CHADO products are real all-rounders and stand not only for innovative textures and easiest application, but above all for the best possible care and the ideal basis for professional make-up.

All products are parabolic free and are not tested on animals!

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