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This formula, which is completely biocompatible with the skin, delivers its active youth ingredients deep within the epidermis to repair microscopic skin changes before they evolve into wrinkles.
€77,80 (€259,33 / 100 ml) *
Prevent formation of first wrinkles,
• Smooth the skin grain,
Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced; the skin is smoother and radiant with beauty.
€68,10 (€136,20 / 100 ml) *
Innovative formula for a mascara which extends, separates, defines and curls eyelashes as it coats them one by one.
€35,00 (Piece) *
Sculpting palette for the face which enables, through light and shadows, to illuminate the complexion and highlight the face’s assets. These creams have a soft, silky, covering and non-greasy texture for a most pleasant application. At skin contact, the c
€85,00 (Piece) *
This breakthrough total anti-ageing eye cream uses advanced technology to enhance the delicate eye contour area.
€68,10 (€454,00 / 100 ml) *
Size 50 ml

The Anti-ageing Sun Care For Face High Protection SPF50 protects from UVA and UVB and helps prevent the appearance of dark spots.
€31,10 (€62,20 / 100 ml) *
This new-generation cream is an emergency treatment for very dry or damaged skin. The rich, luscious formula coats the skin with a cocoon of softness.
€50,50 (€101,00 / 100 ml) *
Provides intense protection and hydration. Patented marine-based active ingredient Cell Guard HSP is paired with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to trap and hold water in the heart of the cells, for skin that is moisturized in an all-new way.
€48,60 (€162,00 / 100 ml) *
This wonderful mask with its creamy texture offers a soothing bath for sensitive and reactive skin. The mask soothes irritated skin and reduces redness, leaving the skin smooth and comfortable.
€36,90 (€73,80 / 100 ml) *
This melting liquid envelops the skin with a delicate softness and provides moisture. The fluid also protects the skin's microflora and balances it.
€49,60 (€99,20 / 100 ml) *
This rich, light Sensitive Soothing Cream envelops the skin with velvety comfort and strengthens the skin's self-defense systems. It also protects and soothes dry, irritated and sensitive skin.
€49,60 (€99,20 / 100 ml) *
Sale -33%
size: 2x5 ml
The 2 in 1 Eyelash and Eyebrow Preparation provides noticeably thicker lashes and full eyebrows. The subtle vanilla scented lip gloss with padding and caring effect makes for irresistibly full lips.
€147,00 €98,00 (€980,00 / 100 ml) *
€99,00 (Piece) *
€129,00 (Piece) *
€139,00 (Piece) *
size 50 ml

This smooth and soft cream quenches dehydrated skin and wraps it in a protecting veil.
€48,60 (€97,20 / 100 ml) *
This anti- fatigue booster tops up minerals to moisturize and energize, leaving skin smooth, plump, and radiant.
€44,70 (€149,00 / 100 ml) *
Size 50 ml

Cell-1 Gel is based on an effective formula with snail extract, which visibly improves your skin appearance when applied regularly. Cell-1 is effective against wrinkles, skin impurities, spots, scars and stretch marks.
€39,90 (€79,80 / 100 ml) *
This treatment associates a powerful sebum regulator, salicylic acid and zinc to reduce the bacteria proliferation and unclog the pores.
€28,10 (€56,20 / 100 ml) *
size 50 ml

In perfect harmony with the skin, this cream relies on biomimetics to restore the youthful appearance of the face.
€68,10 (€136,20 / 100 ml) *
This total-action cream has been specifically designed to help redefine the figure and promote the elimination of toxins.
€72,00 (€36,00 / 100 ml) *
Consists of 100% sea water, a special formula that provides a magnesium supply directly through the skin.
€17,40 (100 ml) *
size 150 ml

It detoxifies the epidermis by encapsulating impurities and sweeping them away. Skin is cleansed and oxygenated, it can breathe again.
€27,20 (€18,13 / 100 ml) *
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